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Contributing to the greater good: The intrinsic value of cause related marketing and fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

As marketers spend billions of dollars each year trying to understand consumers - and even more trying to influence them through the various tools in the marketing arsenal...
it's becoming harder to do both.

Consumers are becoming increasingly resistant to conventional marketing in the age of distraction. Marketing efforts are being challenged constantly. To build a deeper basis for customer engagement, WOW-O-WOW advocates that we move away from traditional practices and take a larger view of what connects us all.

At WOW-O-WOW we believe that consumers instinctively judge and build a relationship with brands based on their warmth and competence. Indeed, a brand that is "honest and trustworthy" and "acts in the customer's best interests" is especially effective at building brand loyalty.

When a company contributes to a broader purpose, customers experience a greater bond with that brand.

We at WOW-O-WOW strive to partner our clients to successfully enhance their brand - not just by contributing a portion of sales to charities, but taking cognizance of conditions that demand more than conventional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and co-branding partnerships.

Thereby co-creating a brand with consumers and doing social good.

At WOW-O-WOW we believe our clients must adopt the "purpose-driven marketing"
- the "We First" approach... which:

Allows consumers to co-create their brands

Invite consumers to help them with causes

Build social capital with consumers, and reach out to consumers... thereby allowing them to vote for the brand every day.

Among its many advantages, this enables the consumers to participate with brands in doing social good, which builds consumer loyalty and goodwill, and drives a company's bottom-line results.
  This also 'involves & engages' employees to show an interest in contributing to a collective greater good.

Companies that show a "purpose motive" see higher levels of employee satisfaction and creativity.

Within organizations, this new 'purpose motive' is expressing itself... in goals that use profit to reach purpose.

This move to accompany profit maximization with purpose maximization has the potential to rejuvenate our businesses and remake our world.

WOW-O-WOW believes this gives consumers a positive reason to share their attitudes and beliefs with a brand.

WOW-O-WOW's enabling strategies for optimal implementation and outcome:

Conducting online research to benefit good causes.

Conducting offline research in partnership with good causes.

Partnering to reach communities.

Partnering to uncover trends.

While applying Purpose-driven Marketing to Good Causes - at WOW-O-WOW - we believe that our joint marketing efforts can become an even greater force for good if we apply our expertise to the causes we support.

At WOW-O-WOW... we deploy basic knowledge of how to use audience insights and marketing savviness to compel people to take action or support their missions... to actualise the potential impact for a win-win... because to cut through the clutter and make any engagement effective, we must have a win-win mindset.

By driving our Clients' P&L with a purpose-driven approach at a time when consumers want it and technology as an enabler, WOW-O-WOW empowers their clients to rapidly reap significant, and collective benefits.

With WOW-O-WOW partnering their clients to join the win-win movement - to develop & innovate to deliver better business results and create a better world!